日本舞踊 上方舞吉村流 吉村三鈴 公式ウェブサイト
日本舞踊 上方舞吉村流 吉村三鈴 公式ウェブサイト

Official Website of Misuzu Yoshimura, Master of the Kamigata-mai Yoshimura School, Nihon-buyo (a Japanese traditional dance from Kyoto and Osaka)

吉村流 吉村三鈴
日本舞踊 上方舞吉村流 吉村三鈴


Hello, my name is Misuzu Yoshimura. I created this website to give more information about Jiuta-mai, in the hope that you will enjoy learning more about it.

I will post my performance and lesson schedule, and also share about the various fascinating aspects of Jiuta-mai and Kamigata-mai.
Please feel free to visit my website from time to time.

November 2017

日本舞踊 上方舞吉村流 吉村三鈴

吉村流 吉村三鈴 プロフィール

Master of the Kamigata-mai Yoshimura School

Born in Kumamoto City, in Kyushu, Japan, Misuzu Yoshimura entered a Nihon-buyo (Japanese Traditional Dance) school at the age of three.
She studied Jiuta-mai and Kamigata-mai under Kisho Yoshimura, the sixth generational Head of the Yoshimura School. Now she holds a Master’s License from the School.

Since 2000, she has been giving performances in various places throughout Europe, such as France, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. In 2011, she performed “Kodojo-ji” at the United Nations European Headquarters in Palais des Nations, Geneva.

日本舞踊 上方舞吉村流 吉村三鈴

吉村流 吉村三鈴 稽古場ご案内

I teach Kamigata-mai (Jiuta-mai) carefully, so that students can learn easily.

Location: Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Frequency: three lessons per month

All lessons are private, so beginners can learn comfortably at their own pace. For higher-level students, I adjust the instruction according to the level of each student.

For further details about lessons, please contact me (in Japanese or in English) through the contact form below. I will reply with information about the exact lesson location and monthly tuition fee. 


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